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According to many recently conducted studies, bananas are proven to be very beneficial for the overall health, and moreover, they can be used for numerous purposes. Banana`s skin can also be used for many different purposes. This article presents the top 7 most common uses of the banana skin:

  1. Use it to Remove Wrinkles and Acne

The banana skin/ peel is extremely effective when it comes to removing wrinkles and acne. The best thing is that will take you only few minutes from your time. All you need to do is to rub the face with the banana peel and let it work for about half an hour. Rinse with water thoroughly.

  1. Get Rid of the Symptoms of Psoriasis

The banana skin is able to make your skin smoother. In case you are suffering from psoriasis, just rub the affected are with the banana peel, and let it work for about ten minutes.

  1. Use it to Remove Warts

This procedure requires using a piece of banana peel and a bandage. Place the banana peel on the wart and put the bandage over it. Let it stay overnight. The procedure should be repeated over the next nights, and the warts will be soon removed.

  1. Use it as Substitution for Analgesic

In case of an irritated skin, just rub the affected area with the banana skin. Let it work for 10-15 minutes and the irritation will soon disappear.

  1. Use it as Cleaning Detergent

Your furniture, shoes, silver and all items which are made from smooth materials can be cleaned with the help of a simple banana peel. It will make them look like new!

  1. To Smooth Insect Bites

Just put a piece of a banana peel over the bite, and the bite will be soothed in no time.

  1. Use it to Whiten your Teeth

For this purpose, you will need the inner side of the peel. Rub the teeth, and repeat the procedure every day for few weeks. The results will be more than amazing.


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