9 Foods You Should Avoid and How They`re Aging Your Skin

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The type of foods you consume is of vast importance because among many things, it can also affect your skin. Some foods and nutrients can give you the healthy glow and radiance, while others can be detrimental to your skin, causing puffiness, breakouts, and premature aging.

Keep reading and learn which 9 foods should be eliminated from your daily diet if you want to have a clearer and more beautiful complexion:

  1. Sugar

Sugar is definitely the most aging ingredient you consume, and it also weakens your immune system. In addition, sugar makes your skin lack luster and it accelerates the production of wrinkles. These things are result to the damage sugar had caused in your elastin and collagen.

It is recommended to replace consumption of sugar with eating fruits.

  1. Caffeine

The caffeine acts as a diuretic, and as a result it leads to severe dehydration.  This means that increases the cortisol levels and it dries out the skin.  Higher cortisol levels are associated with faster aging process, which in turn makes the skin thinner.

  1. Artificial Sweetener and Colors

The artificial sweeteners and colors are basically science experiments that you are putting into your body. They have no nutritional value and contain significantly less food energy. What is more, they cause irritation, especially in people who are susceptible to allergic reactions.

All artificial products are known to often create an inflammation and histamine reactions, which in turn worse off your body and store these compounds in your tissues.

  1. Red Meat

As stated by many experts, red meat is high in carnitine content, a compound which can harden the blood vessels and result in premature aging. It is recommended to turn to veggie burger instead.

  1. Alcohol

Just like the above listed caffeine, alcohol also severely dehydrates you. This heavily affects your skin, as the body metabolizes the little water it gets, before it reaches the skin.  Alcoholic beverages can also cause vasodilatation, which in turn leads to rosacea and giving your skin a dull appearance. Besides you mental defenses, it also affects your skin.

  1. Fried Foods

The fried foods are made of unhealthy fats which contain free radicals, compounds which can close your pores. It is recommended to opt for healthier fats, such as olive and avocado oil.

  1. Processed Snack Foods

It is a well-known fact that processed foods are detrimental to your overall health, including your skin. As a matter of fact, the more they are processed, the less they retain of their original state and nutrients. Besides losing their crucial nutrients, they are also high in sodium and sugar, ingredients that we don’t need more of.

Go for healthier snacks instead, such as nuts and fruits.

  1. Salt

You should always keep your salt and processed foods intake in check. The thing is, the salt, especially the iodized one, causes your tissue to swell and aggravate acne. This is not good for your skin, as it makes it appear unhealthy and puffy.

  1. Foods with High Glycemic Index

Foods with high glycemic index are associated with acne, as their consumption leads to an increase of insulin and glucose levels. A body with low glycemic index has 50 percent fewer accounts of acne.

You should opt for whole grain foods, as they provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.


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